Your customers are going global — are you?
There’s a tidal wave of offshore expansion, and if you’re not ready to grow globally with your customers, even your domestic business is at risk.

The implications of making the wrong decisions in a global market place are enormous – Falcon Innovations gives you the information and insight you need to establish the best long-term relationships with your biggest clients, and – most importantly of all – secure the future success of your company.

Global account management (GAM) is essentially the focusing of a supplier company’s sales, marketing and service resources, through a select global team, on key customers. Such customers are deemed vital to the supplier’s future because of their potential large volume purchases through an extended time.It has emerged as a way of managing global customers that are of strategic importance to selling companies.

As firms realize that dealing with global customers is not simply an extension of key account management, their most common response is to launch a formal global account management initiative. Done well this is powerful and effective; however without proper planning it can spell disaster. Drawing on widely accepted ‘key success factors’ for global account management as well as new elements revealed by their research, Falcon Innovations redefines the process of global account management around the premise that sustainable value springs only from an expert understanding of the customer’s industry, its structure and its strategy.

In managing long-term business-to-business relationships, especially international ones, a relationship manager is essential. This go-to contact person will develop a trustworthy bond with your client on your behalf.

Falcon Innovations will choose the right person for you from our highly trained staff.

Your new agent will know the market and speak the language. More important, they’ll BE there, since you can’t.